Mobbing Pattern Language

Metapatterns: Advanced mobbing

Also Known As


A group that is able to work together effectively as a mob and is ready to reach for new levels of performance.

There is strong trust in the mob, and each person knows the abilities of everyone else.

We treat each other with Kindness, Consideration, and Respect.


Elevate the performance of the mob well beyond that of people working separately.

How To

Apply [High-Performing Mob] with [Many Navigators].

Each person can self-direct to think about a part of the problem as needed. They may use a laptop or phone to do that. When someone finds themselves getting distracted by Twitter or whatever, it’s probably time for a break. Boredom is a sign that you are neither learning nor contributing.

Use the Mob Programming Role-Playing Game, especially the Level 2 and up roles, to explore the ways you can contribute to making the mob better.

If you’re not experiencing the level of performance described here, stop and retro.


The Driver feels like the best programmer ever.

The mob gets much more good work done, with cleaner code, fewer defects, and greater discipline.

At the beginning of the day they are eager to begin; at the end of the day they are satisfied and tired and ready to leave work.