Mobbing Pattern Language

Antipatterns: Mob without teamwork

Also Known As


A group of developers works well independently. When possible, they divide work at well-defined interfaces and so avoid making design decisions together.

This is a work-around for not being practiced at respectful listening, mutual trust, and accepting one anothers’ ideas – in short, for poor teamwork.


You’ve heard that mobbing is beneficial and want to try it.

Supposed Solution

Begin with the mechanics of mobbing: one computer, rotate drivers periodically.

Resulting Context

Applicable Positive Patterns

Mobbing is, fundamentally, about continuously integrating ideas. You and your team have not learned how to integrate ideas daily (which is why you’re used to splitting out tasks in such a way that you don’t need to design together).

Instead of starting with the mechanics, focus on the mobbing attitude. Patterns that help with that: